Coconut Water - Health Benefits

Nutritional Value of Coconut Water

Providing 19 calories in a 100 ml amount, coconut water is 95% water and 4% carbohydrates, with protein and total fat content under 1% each . Coconut water contains no vitamins or dietary minerals..

Coconut Water Benefits During Pregnancy 

Drink Coconut water during pregnancy is known to have many benefits, and many women swear by the same. It is an excellent alternative to caffeinated drinks without any side effects.

Coconut Water Helps You Lose Weight 

One of the more ubiquitous claims made on coconut water is that it can help you shed the pounds as part of a weight loss strategy. The reasons cited are that it can help with your metabolic …

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that reduces the risk of acne causing microbial infection and helps in getting a clear and flawless skin.It also contains protein called cytokines that is …