Frequently Asked Questions

Ans – We provide 100% natural and fresh green nariyal which will be in its natural raw form.
The nariyal will be just sliced on top so customers just need to chop its remaining layer with knife or spoon.
The nariyal will be art packed with thin layer of polythene so that it will not get contaminated with dirt and this polythene layer will help nariyal to be in fresh form for 2-3 days without fridge and 3-5 days with good fridge/refrigerator.

Ans – As we all know natural products doesn’t come with specific size and shape
But as per our experience the medium size nariyal generally contain good amount of nariyal pani
Very few people know that as the size of coconut increases water level inside coconut decreases and the thickness of coco meat or ‘khobra’ increases.
As our goal is to provide you nariyal pani so we will provide nariyal containing minimum 300 ml to 500 ml water content.

Ans – No. The coconuts naturally comes in its own tetra pack design by nature so first it is impossible to add any chemicals,preservatives or sugar and second we dont need to add as our coconuts are sweet enough.

Ans – We provide only fresh green nariyal as you see in market
The provided coconuts will be 100% natural and in their natural form.

Ans – We deliever nariyal as per your requirement.
We deliver from 7AM to 7PM
We serve on all 7 days of week
You just need to confirm your order,provide us your address.we will be there within 3 hours from confirmation of order.

Ans – We dont charge anything extra for home delivery.
But to enjoy this facility you have to order minimum 3 coconuts.
If you want less than 3 coconuts then there will be extra charge as per your location.

Ans – For monthly and weekly subscribers who chooses daily 2 or 3 nariyal plan, the delivery will be done on daily basis to your home at your available time.
For the customers who chooses daily one nariyal plan, we will deliver on alternate days, we will deliver two coconuts on first day and so you can enjoy one nariyal on current day and other nariyal on next day and this will go on.
There is no need to worry about freshness of coconut for 2 days as our coconut will remain fresh for 2-3 days without fridge and 3-5 days with fridge.

Ans – Yes our coconuts are machine cut and blades of machine are timely washed and sanitized.

Ans – Yes our delivery boys are well trained and we have all of their necessary documents details and photographs so you dont need to worry.